The Season of Epiphany

The Epiphany is that we start to understand who this Jesus really is as he enters his public ministry. We begin to see the Old Testament scriptures fulfilled. We have witnessed the Wise Men or the Magi who came and brought him gifts.  We now witness his baptism by John and the voice of God proclaiming him his son.  As the season progresses we witness the many miracles done by Jesus. It will lead us once again to the holy light at the Transfiguration. Come and join us as we journey through this season! Sunday worship is at 10:00.

Community Night: Wednesday January 16, 6:00 pm
A gathering for all ages, including a shared meal, message and an activity.

The next community night won’t be until February 6th after our members return from their service trip to Wuhan, China.  In China they will be teaching English at a coffee shop to young students.  “Farming” is the theme this year.