July 2018

This week at VBS we are sharing a learning with the kids that is actually a core spiritual discipline for all of us. The practice is one of developing the skill of perceiving God at work in the world and in our everyday life.

Here is the teaching from the Shipwrecked VBS handbook:

God hasn’t retired, you know. God is as busy as ever. But until you see that with your own eyes, it’s tough to have a vibrant faith. God can seem distant or impersonal.

God is active in our everyday lives- we just have to learn to look. We have to make a habit to keep an eye out for the daily, overwhelming evidence that God is doing great things all around us. At Shipwrecked, we’ll encourage kids and adults to look for God Sightings- everyday clues that God is present, passionate and powerful.

A God Sighting is simply an acknowledgement that God has done something. It is giving God credit where credit is due. It’s developing a God-focused view and a grateful heart. (We) can discover that we can see God in things like Scripture, people, circumstances and nature. As (we) make God Sightings part of everyday life, our faith will grow.

Why? Because we will actually see God at work. Not because God’s suddenly shown up, but because we finally have eyes to see…and at last, we are looking. When we look, we perceive the work of the Spirit of God all around us: in the miracle of creation, in random acts of kindness, in the choice for patience and forgiveness, in humbling generosity, in courageous work for justice, in the miracle of birth, in the poignancy of death.

As the poet says below, pay attention. Allow the amazing awesomeness of the Holy to fill you. And, yes, speak about it! We need to tell each other our stories of blessing. Our hearts are longing for them.

Pastor Annette