I recently read one of the best descriptions of the Holy Spirit that I have encountered: The Spirit is God at work in the world. Throughout the entire biblical narrative – from Genesis to Revelation- the Spirit of God is at work: unfolding in creation, inspiring the prophets, sustaining the people, renewing hope, guiding God’s people into the future.

Martin Luther described the work of the Spirit using four key verbs:
Calls-  The Spirit speaks to us both individually and collectively, leading us along life’s pathways, guiding us in our life choices, stirring our hearts to compassion and courage.
Gathers -The Spirit draws us together into relationships of care and service and into communities of faith and witness which embody unity and full inclusion of all God’s children.
Enlightens -The Spirit is the source of wisdom and understanding, helping us to share God’s vision, teaching us through a variety of means and persons about the ways of God.
Sanctifies -The Spirit works ongoingly to help us grow and form as children of God and disciples of Jesus, drawing us ever closer into the holiness of God in body, mind and soul.

We will celebrate the Rite of Confirmation on the feast of Pentecost, June 9th. In a very real way, each of us are asked to join with our confirmands in renewing the gift of our baptism and the Holy Spirit’s work among and within us. The promises of Scripture tell us that we when look for God, we will find God: bringing comfort when we are sad, hope in times of despair, courage when we are afraid, boldness when we are called to action, understanding in the midst of confusion, truth when surrounded by lies and distortions.

Come Holy Spirit! Gives us open hearts and open eyes that we may see your holy work in the world, in our community and in our lives!

Spirit blessings, Pastor Annette