Peace Lutheran Church Women’s group is currently not meeting due to Covid.  Our annual Early Christmas Bazaar is on hold and we assume that we will not be able to have the event this year.  We are also unable to make and sell the Lefse that many of you depend on for your holiday dinners.  However we are planning a…


Now is the time we women should be scurrying around making final preparations for our annual bazaar.

Like many other traditions and events in our lives over the past eight months the Bazaar won’t be happening this November.

Mary mentioned in last month’s Witness that the PLCW board is hoping to host a springtime bazaar on May 1st. We are counting on COVID restrictions being lifted by then! The Spring Fling will be a smaller version of our fall bazaar and would feature the following:

A Bakery with lots of Scandinavian goodies, Rommegrot, Wafflers, Lefse, Silent Auction, Crafts, Plants,

Flowering Gift Card Tree, Quilt Raffle Ticket Sales (the drawing for the quilt will take place at the November, 2021 bazaar) and a Luncheon with an array of salads and a dessert.

So, now’s the time to be thinking about Crafts and Silent Auction items. Those with a green thumb, might start some plants that take a while to root. For instance, if you have a pretty Christmas cactus you could snip off a few shoots, stick them in some water and once they root plant in a pot of dirt and by next spring you’ll have a nice little cactus to sell at the bazaar!

Let’s all get creative and look forward to the time when we can be in fellowship again.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Connie DiGregorio, Bazaar Chair