Stop preaching about “being good stewards of the Earth”.  The title of the Sojourners article by Rev. Fletcher Harper, executive director of GreenFaith, caught me off guard. But as I read, I realized that what the author was saying is that, in these days of climate crisis, talking about stewardship just isn’t enough. He is much more urgent in his demands of faith leaders: This is not a time for preachers to play it safe; it is time for prophetic thunder.                                                             

Rev. Harper is right. If Christians are to be true to our calling to care for creation, we can no long stay comfortably quiet. All we have to do is to stay abreast of current news to witness the ongoing cycle of dramatic, destructive climate disruptions. And the scientists are clear: it is far past time for debate about the causes. It is time to be fierce about our commitment to boldly advocate for each and every effort to call each other to conversion- to real change in our values, priorities, expectations and use of resources.

I am going to invite us to join in daily prayer for the success of this international gathering of world leaders, beginning on the feast of the Reformation (October 31) and lasting through the end of the conference. Let us passionately invoke prophetic honesty, courage, boldness, creativity and cooperation. No one position or group or country holds all the answers, but this is sure: the time for action is now, and this critical issue can no longer be treated as a side issue for “tree huggers” or a political football to be tossed about. As Rev. Fletcher urgently reminds us: The well-being of billions of people and the planet’s future hang in the balance*.

Pastor Annette             * (Stop Preaching About ‘Being Good Stewards of the Earth’ | Sojourners, 9/16/21)


UN Climate Change Conference 2021  October 31-November 12, Glascow

“As climate chaos explodes around the world, world leaders face what United Nations Secretary–General António Guterres has called a “code red for humanity”; the world must slash greenhouse gas emissions immediately if humanity is to prevent the worst of what climate change has in store and preserve civilization as we know it.”  (