Jesus breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’.  John 20:22

Every Spring, when we celebrate the feast of Pentecost, I feel the congruence of the energy of new life bursting forth from the earth with the biblical stories of new life emerging from the growing circle of disciples. Gone is the hiding underground or behind locked doors – life is boldly striding out in all its brilliant colors.

It encourages me to see this bold display of God’s newness, both in creation and in the early church witness. It causes me to remember that the breath of God’s Spirit is still at work, moving over and among and through us, calling us out of fear and hiding and dormancy into new life, renewed action, and creative vision.

Pentecost reminds us that God’s breath is still stirring within us – our bodies and the Body of Christ – quickening us, calling forth life, gifting the Holy Spirit. Are we paying attention to how this Breathed-forth Presence might be shaping us, stretching us, planting something new and calling forth growth?

 I think that this is what our Community Listening Project is all about: paying attention to the Holy Breath, the blowing wind of the Spirit, the new emergence of a Springtime-faith within us.

Shall we listen carefully together?


Holy Breathing of God, I feel you stirring. Warmed by this breath, good things grow.

  – Dom Helder Camera,  20th century Brazilian Catholic archbishop, liberation theologian, prophetic advocate for justice

Spirit blessings,

Pastor Annette