Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth! (Ps. 66:1)

Blessed Easter season to you! Springtime is blossoming forth around us, and resurrection is in the air. It is also in the soil, as the earth wakes up and rises to life once more. This month we celebrate Earth Day, as we remember to cherish the gift of our planet home and to strive to live in compassionate harmony with our creation kin. We will be celebrating the earth in worship together on Sunday, April 21st.

Martin Luther saw the presence of God in the holiness of creation: God is entirely and personally present in the wilderness, in the garden, in the field….The power of God is present at all places, even in the tiniest tree leaf….God is in all creatures, even in the smallest flowers.

This is a good time to renew our commitment to joining together to be mindful of how our individual and collective choices make a difference, as we face widespread disruption of the planetary systems God put in place to sustain a diversity of life. One critical little creature is the bee, whose miraculous work of pollination keeps many of us fed. Come and join the Peace Lutheran Church Women on April 3 at 11:30 to hear about the amazing power of bees from a local beekeeper!    Remember every choice to eliminate disposable plastic, to reduce garbage, to compost, to conserve electricity and reduce carbon output is AN ACT OF LOVE for God’s beautiful handiwork!  Let’s keep the earth joyfully thriving!