Peace has a long history of partnering with various local, national, and international ministries through our Mission of the Month special offering, fundraising projects, and regular collection of supplies.

Some of our core partners include the Stanwood/Camano and Arlington Food banks, the Gathering Place weekly meal program, Housing Hope, and Lutheran World Relief.

We also regularly make our facilities available to local groups such at 4-H, Alcoholics Anonymous, AL-Anon, Pills Anonymous, local community boards, and the annual Silvana Fair.


September Mission of the Month:

Lutheran World Relief

In addition to the School Kits that we are compiling as part of our Mission of the Month, we are inviting contributions of SOAP, as well as funds to contribute to the Shipping Fund.

SOAP: Clean and Beautiful. No one likes to be dirty. A brand-new bar of soap lets someone present him- or herself with dignity, keep hands clean and stay healthy. Those simple things are some of the very building blocks to success. Send us soap and we will see it gets to people in need. LWR accepts new bars of any brand, in its original wrapping. Bath-size bars (4 to 5 oz.) are highly preferred.


Please also consider raising the funds needed by LWR to ship the soap and school kits overseas. It costs us $11.60 to send an 18-pound carton of soap overseas. Contributing to this fund will help ensure that all donated soap and kits gets where they are needed.

Thank you!