Peace has a long history of partnering with various local, national, and international ministries through our Mission of the Month special offering, fundraising projects, and regular collection of supplies.

Some of our core partners include the Stanwood/Camano and Arlington Food banks, the Gathering Place weekly meal program, Housing Hope, and Lutheran World Relief.

We also regularly make our facilities available to local groups such at 4-H, Alcoholics Anonymous, AL-Anon, Pills Anonymous, local community boards, and the annual Silvana Fair.



January Mission of the Month:

The Mission of the Month for January is The Gathering place.
This year we celebrate 13 years of serving the community. The first year was a little rough, but we stuck with it and now we are ministering to 60-90 people a week. All this started because a group of youth workers saw a need and felt God calling them to take action. It was not easy. We met with various churches to find a host, we met with people from those churches who might want to prepare a meal, we met with the health department, and we met with the newspaper to help spread the word. The first couple of years were pretty lean. We had 4 churches that served regularly and 2 that served a couple times a year. Since then we have grown to 8 churches that serve regularly and 4 that serve a couple times a year. This has turned into more than just a meal. People come for fellowship, to get a new book to read and for blankets, hats, gloves, socks. But mainly they come for friendship. I have enjoyed serving and have learned to be accepting of people and their choices.
This is more than just a mission. This is a calling. It’s a calling to be God’s hands and serve His people. All of us who have served over the years have felt far more blessed than those we serve. Come out and serve with us and be God’s hands.