Youth and Family


 HANDS FOR PEACEMAKING: The first “virtual” project of 2021, sponsored by Peace Lutheran Church-Silvana, kicked off this week in the village of Quekzat Rio Negro! Marco and Rumaldo met with the village leadership to finalize the project and sign contracts. #TeamAller delivered the first stoves to the village on Thursday. The project is scheduled for April 12th-16th!



Youth and Family:

Mary Fuentes serves as our Youth and Family coordinator. She oversees a year-round schedule of events for members of all ages, including weekly Family nights, special youth events for Advent, Lent and Christmas, summer excursions and monthly Out to Lunch/Out to Dinner outings for adults. Sunday School offers multi-age classes for grades K-12, with Confirmation classes during the week for grades 6-8th grade.

This month there will a community night on Saturday, July 24th at 6pm.  We hope to play team Pictionary and share a pot-luck meal.  We hope to share these times outside around the bonfire.  Hope to see you there!  Invite your friends and neighbors.